Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sales: Because Tuesdays are Mondays' ugly cousin

1. Water Color Wildflower Pillow $35: This little baby will add some sunshine to your home as we head into the cloudy fall months. Water color anything is basically life right now and this pillow would just kill me on a desk chair or nestled in a reading nook.

2. Dip-Dye Napkin Set $19: I'm currently drooling over these pretty little napkins. They would be perfect with my cobalt blue dishes for a splash of something just a little different. 

3. Anthropologie Candle $19.95: Candles will always make my world go 'round. I spend more than I care to admit on candles, like all the time. 

4. Geometric Galaxy Duvet $79.99: This makes me want to lay in bed aaaall day long. Sweet dreams are made of duvets like these.

5. Pearlescent Canister $12.95: The possibilities are endless. I love pieces like this that can fit in any room and hold any purpose. That's money well spent... right?

6. Jingle Pillow 2 for $60: They're called "Jingle Pillows" and that just gets me all excited. They come in three colors, go crazy ;)

7. Mercury Glass Candle Holder $9.99: It's a candle holder but I think it belongs on my desk, holding my favorite pens. 

8. Desk Lamp $69.99: I love the idea of a clamp-on lamp because that leaves more room on my desk for activities. I never have enough room on my desk because everything has to be perfectly laid out so this pretty little number really blows my skirt up.

This Mid-Weed Pick Me Up features finds from:


xx, Meg

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