Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The White Trend

Alright, dolls... have you noticed all the white decor recently? My favorite bloggers and companies all have one major thing in common: white, white and more white. The pictures are beautiful and the spaces are so trendy but is painting your whole home white realistic?

I was raised in such a colorful home. My mom is a serious jewel tone lover...  I wonder where I get that from? We had red walls up the wazoo and everything was warm and so homey, but there is a real beauty to these white walled homes and work spaces. The color accents are brighter, the gold just looks AMAZE (gold is everything...) and a white work space encourages such an inspired state of mind every day.

Now, lets get something straight, color makes my world go round. The perfect jewel tone color can completely turn my day around. BUT, being able to change which color blows my skirt up whenever I want to really works for me.

Balance is everything: in life, in home decorating, in... everything. So, I think the right amount of white is an amazing thing to add to your home. Who doesn't want a clean slate every morning? Add your favorite bright and beautiful colors to a white based room and BAM, the perfect living space because there is nothing but what inspires you.

This grog living room is a house-tour on The Every Girl. The entire home is amazing. 

This adorable shelf display is courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Look at that flower garland... I die. The Every Girl is perfect. 

That gold though. I would have a sequin pillow in every room if I could. The Life Styled has this adorable look down. 

So what do you think? Is the white trend for you? Do tell..

xx, M

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mondays Are Better With Sales

1. These gold votive candle holders would look amazing anywhere in your home. Gold accents make everything better... write that down.

2. If I could make my apartment a zoo I probably would. There's animals everywhere... maybe because I would give my right leg for a dog. Who knows? Anyway... this quirky deer vase is too cute. It's the perfect sunshine to sit on your desk or bookshelf. 

3. Yet another pretty vase... but can you really put a limit on places to put vases and flowers in your home? My favorite part about using blue to decorate? It works all year long. 

4. I bought these Crate & Barrel blue glasses forever ago at full price... of course. Buuuut now I get to share them with you and they're a steal! Mine live on my bar tray, the blues are just too pretty! 

5. I was serious about the previous zoo statement. This elephant pillow would be adorable in a reading nook, on your bed or on your couch. The navy is neutral enough to go with almost anything but elephants are cute and therefore, not boring. :)

6. How pretty would this framed shelf be in your bathroom? It could be extra storage space if you have a shared medicine cabinet like me or just adorable decoration.

7. I almost died when I saw these Eiffel Tower drawer pulls. They're going to star in a soon-to-be restoration. Stay tuned...

8. If you're not ready to commit to a full-on wine rack, this one would be perfect on your counter. Having a couple bottles of wine on hand is always a good hostess trick so you're not scrambling for refreshments. 

9. These cute little glasses also live on my bar tray. What better way to serve a gin and tonic than in one of these?

The C.Wonder and Crate & Barrel glasses on my own wine rack and bar tray at home. I have a thing for mixing gold and copper.

xx, M