Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kitchen Lovin'

Kitchens are tough cookies to decorate. Especially in an apartment or rental home. You can't control the counter tops, cabinets, sometimes even the appliances. So what can you control? The cute little stuff!

So here's 8 adorable accent pieces to brighten up your kitchen and just as an added bonus, they're all under $50. Thank me later.. :)

1. These oven mitts would be adorbs hanging above your stove. Cute and functional... weird, right?

2. Let's be real, bar carts, no matter how cute they are, are a fad. An expensive fad too.

 I love love love them but this Gold Mirrored Tabletop Tray is the perfect middle ground. It can go in your kitchen, your dining room, on top of a wine rack... anywhere really, to display your pretty glasses, liquor bottles (Am I the only one who picks vodka based on how cute the bottle is?) and cute paper straws without a serious investment.

3. Copper and gold are everything. Copper and gold Moscow Mule mugs? Everything and a half.

4. This mismatched blue flatware would be too perfect for a night of entertaining. Can you imagine your table set with these little nuggets? Oh and pair them with the dip-dyed napkins from this post. Perfection.

5. Invest in proper serving utensils early to avoid being caught hosting a party with a regular fork in your salad bowl. Messy, messy. And seahorses are cute, it's a win-win.

6. Booze for breakfast anyone? I kid... most of the time. Definitely homemade almond milk lattes for breakfast in this cheeky teacup.

7. These punched metal coasters might be the cutest coffee table/kitchen accents ever. They make even the most boring of tumblers look adorable and they double as decoration because you'll want to show them off all the time.

8. How cute would these crochet placemats look on your counter, set with your favorite dishes and glasses? The cutest.

Happy decorating!

xx, M

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vintage Vanity Restoration

So in addition to my online shopping I call a blog, I restore antique pieces of furniture. My obsession with chalk paint is a serious one. 

Anywho, I painted this gorg vanity a couple weeks before the big move to Napa. I've had it in my bedroom since I was a teenager and it sustained some heavy wear and tear through the my-hair-needs-to-be-as-straight-as-humanly-possible and pile-all-the-makeup-on-my-face-at-once days but it was still a beautiful piece of furniture and I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving it four hours away.

Graphite chalk paint and metallic gold spray paint fixed this little beauty right up. The fabric on the stool is from Hobby Lobby and the hardware is from Anthropologie.

xx, M

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sales: Because Tuesdays are Mondays' ugly cousin

1. Water Color Wildflower Pillow $35: This little baby will add some sunshine to your home as we head into the cloudy fall months. Water color anything is basically life right now and this pillow would just kill me on a desk chair or nestled in a reading nook.

2. Dip-Dye Napkin Set $19: I'm currently drooling over these pretty little napkins. They would be perfect with my cobalt blue dishes for a splash of something just a little different. 

3. Anthropologie Candle $19.95: Candles will always make my world go 'round. I spend more than I care to admit on candles, like all the time. 

4. Geometric Galaxy Duvet $79.99: This makes me want to lay in bed aaaall day long. Sweet dreams are made of duvets like these.

5. Pearlescent Canister $12.95: The possibilities are endless. I love pieces like this that can fit in any room and hold any purpose. That's money well spent... right?

6. Jingle Pillow 2 for $60: They're called "Jingle Pillows" and that just gets me all excited. They come in three colors, go crazy ;)

7. Mercury Glass Candle Holder $9.99: It's a candle holder but I think it belongs on my desk, holding my favorite pens. 

8. Desk Lamp $69.99: I love the idea of a clamp-on lamp because that leaves more room on my desk for activities. I never have enough room on my desk because everything has to be perfectly laid out so this pretty little number really blows my skirt up.

This Mid-Weed Pick Me Up features finds from:


xx, Meg

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Current Obsession: Blue & Peacock Couches

I could kick myself for not realizing my obsession before recovering my Grandma's cane-back couch for my apartment. 

As I've said, jewel tones blow my skirt up. These particular jewel tones are just neutral enough you can get away with them on such a central piece of furniture and just loud enough to send me into a happy little tizzy of color. 

Oh, and they're just perf with my other obsession: metallic gold. 

They're a little modern and little vintage and little AMAZING.

Now I know for most of us, picking up a brand new piece of perfection like this from Z Gallerie is out of the question. Moving is expensive. 

Let me introduce you to one of my secrets: 

Finding a place to get furniture recovered only sounds intimidating. Ask around, go visit places and fine a business you can keep coming back to. It's so much cheaper than buying new furniture every time your style changes. (Especially, if you're like me - once a week.)

I looked up this little nugget for you: Blue Velvet Fabric $9.95/yard

Happy decorating!

xx, M

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Perfect Office Pieces Under $100

The perfect office is the place where you feel most inspired and that means that the perfect office looks different to everyone. Today, I'm sharing with you some components of my perfect office and some tips to find what makes those juices flow for you.

There are SO many ways to decorate an office and SO many themes you could love. I happen to love jewel tones (they pretty much make my world go round), quirky little animals and just a little bit of zen. 

The puzzle pieces to your perfect office are:

1. The desk...duh. White desks are trendy right now but for me they're more than the hottest office accessory, they're a blank slate every day when I sit down to work. I love love love the idea of blank page to sprinkle with your daily creations!

2. Fun comfy pieces that make it feel home-y! I'm a pillow freak but if you're more into a crazy rug then go for it. This cheetah pillow is just puuurfect. 

3. A little tranquility. You can never have too many candles, ever, and this turquoise hobnail candle from the Furbish Studio does it for me. 

4. The perfect chair, because no one has ever been inspired by a frumpy black office chair, ever. I'm into acrylic chairs like this one right now. In fact, that's the exact office chair I just ordered and I'm in a tizzy of excitement for it to get here. 

Your chair can be anything from a bright print, to a chic statement like mine. I opted for chic to balance out the earthy feel to the rest of my perfect office. Balance is everything, especially if you don't want a Madonna Inn-esque nest. 

5. To style a space from floor to ceiling, a rug is a must. I like this one because it balances out all of the other bright pieces. The natural feel of this rug adds a little zen for me and who doesn't love being relaxed while they work?

6. Poufs are a thing and I love it. From Target to The Furbish Studio, everyone's doing poufs. Why do I want a pouf in my office? Well first, it's cute. Second, I'm weird and don't always like to face my desk so having something to put my feet on works for me... but mostly it's cute.

7. Quirky book ends! These Foo Dogs are precious and zen in a weird way. Maybe book ends aren't your thing, just pick something that makes you smile! 

8. I'm loving this zebra inspired jewelry dish. Jewelry is my new favorite thing to decorate with because it feels personal and if your jewelry isn't pretty, you're doing it wrong. 

There you have it, my most favorite office pieces. And they're all right around or under $100. Your perfect home is a collection of pieces over time so invest in a piece here and there and it will be so gratifying when your space is finally exactly what you pictured in your head!

xo, M