Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Loves 10.28.14

It's FINALLY feeling like fall in Napa. Took long enough.. Fall colors are amaze, but I'm not talking about the changing leaves. The flowers and the home decor are my favorite. Everything gets dark, moody and just gorg. 

My anniversary roses from Matt are perfect fall beauties. Usually, I'm 100% against yellow roses (give them to your grandma, not your girlfriend) but the combination of blush, deep red and canary really blows my skirt up. 

Real Simple magazine published "The Ultimate Holiday Planner" and it's pretty spectacular. I love all the little tips. 

 Matt & I have a tradition of picking out Papyrus cards for each other for all occasions but they're my go to for everyone else as well. If you're going to give a cheesy greeting card it better be cute and the cards from Papyrus are frame worthy.

 Some of my favorite packages come from Anthropologie. I mentioned these Eiffel Tower drawer pulls in this post, they're suuuuper on sale still. I can't wait to reveal the project I'm working on with these pretties.
Matt & I became fur baby parents this week :) Meet Rory. She has already completely stolen our hearts and I'm sure she will be the center of many more posts as I share how introducing a puppy into your home changes literally everything. I had a blast picking out her toys and her beds, and they're all color coordinated, obviously. That face though... 
We're over the moon with happiness about our spoiled little baby. 

Happy fall!

xx, M

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The White Trend

Alright, dolls... have you noticed all the white decor recently? My favorite bloggers and companies all have one major thing in common: white, white and more white. The pictures are beautiful and the spaces are so trendy but is painting your whole home white realistic?

I was raised in such a colorful home. My mom is a serious jewel tone lover...  I wonder where I get that from? We had red walls up the wazoo and everything was warm and so homey, but there is a real beauty to these white walled homes and work spaces. The color accents are brighter, the gold just looks AMAZE (gold is everything...) and a white work space encourages such an inspired state of mind every day.

Now, lets get something straight, color makes my world go round. The perfect jewel tone color can completely turn my day around. BUT, being able to change which color blows my skirt up whenever I want to really works for me.

Balance is everything: in life, in home decorating, in... everything. So, I think the right amount of white is an amazing thing to add to your home. Who doesn't want a clean slate every morning? Add your favorite bright and beautiful colors to a white based room and BAM, the perfect living space because there is nothing but what inspires you.

This grog living room is a house-tour on The Every Girl. The entire home is amazing. 

This adorable shelf display is courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Look at that flower garland... I die. The Every Girl is perfect. 

That gold though. I would have a sequin pillow in every room if I could. The Life Styled has this adorable look down. 

So what do you think? Is the white trend for you? Do tell..

xx, M