Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kitchen Lovin'

Kitchens are tough cookies to decorate. Especially in an apartment or rental home. You can't control the counter tops, cabinets, sometimes even the appliances. So what can you control? The cute little stuff!

So here's 8 adorable accent pieces to brighten up your kitchen and just as an added bonus, they're all under $50. Thank me later.. :)

1. These oven mitts would be adorbs hanging above your stove. Cute and functional... weird, right?

2. Let's be real, bar carts, no matter how cute they are, are a fad. An expensive fad too.

 I love love love them but this Gold Mirrored Tabletop Tray is the perfect middle ground. It can go in your kitchen, your dining room, on top of a wine rack... anywhere really, to display your pretty glasses, liquor bottles (Am I the only one who picks vodka based on how cute the bottle is?) and cute paper straws without a serious investment.

3. Copper and gold are everything. Copper and gold Moscow Mule mugs? Everything and a half.

4. This mismatched blue flatware would be too perfect for a night of entertaining. Can you imagine your table set with these little nuggets? Oh and pair them with the dip-dyed napkins from this post. Perfection.

5. Invest in proper serving utensils early to avoid being caught hosting a party with a regular fork in your salad bowl. Messy, messy. And seahorses are cute, it's a win-win.

6. Booze for breakfast anyone? I kid... most of the time. Definitely homemade almond milk lattes for breakfast in this cheeky teacup.

7. These punched metal coasters might be the cutest coffee table/kitchen accents ever. They make even the most boring of tumblers look adorable and they double as decoration because you'll want to show them off all the time.

8. How cute would these crochet placemats look on your counter, set with your favorite dishes and glasses? The cutest.

Happy decorating!

xx, M