Friday, January 2, 2015

DIY Bedroom Style

So my bestest friend/college roommate/left arm, whom I am currently 4 hours away from, just moved into a new apartment. She hasn't had to decorate her own place since freshman year because she's lived with me... and in true control freak style, I took the reigns on all things decorating. Luckily for her, she now lives with two fabulous men so she only has to take care of her bedroom and bathroom.

She has been texting me at least once a week for 6 months asking what she should do for her bedroom so I'm taking care of it in one fell swoop.

Why am I sharing this with all of you? Well because my darling bestie can't be the only one with decorator's block and I've been telling her that she needs this exact comforter for a couple months now but she hasn't bitten the bullet yet so I'm doing it for her.

First things first, figure out your color palette. I love anchoring decor colors in a fun duvet cover and I can just picture my blondie best reading creepy murder novels (don't ask..) tucked away in this gorgeous duvet. 

I usually try to pick three main colors and a couple accent colors so you have a little wiggle room when you're picking out furniture and decor. Other than the colors pictured here, I'm also using gold and white to create a bohemian, glam and airy feel. Keep in mind that color palettes are not law, do what flows best to you. If you want an orange chair in the corner of your blue room, do it. 

- The duvet cover is by Plum & Bow as is available on Urban Outfitters. 

- The pom pom trim adds a whimsical touch to simple curtains and the grey down plays the super busy duvet cover. Oh, and they're blackout curtains. Helllloooo nap time.

- This arrow sculpture is a cute way to add a little quirk to your bedroom style. Style it on your desk, bed side table or dresser with some picture frames and maybe a jewelry box. 

- Obviously, a Studio Mucci tassel garland is a necessity in this glam bedroom. Hang it over your bed for an easy headboard that can be changed whenever you're ready for something different.

- Decorating your walls in a rental is a serious struggle, but gold dot decals to the rescue. Put them on one of the emptier walls in your room to fill some blank space. There are lots available out there. Try these on Etsy. 

- This gilded gold bedside table is an upcycle. Restoring an older bedside table is going to save you gobs of money and using gilding wax is surprisingly simple. Keep your eye out for the perfect piece when you drive by yard sales or visit antique stores. 

- Faux fur makes me happy. Especially all white faux fur. This pillow is on sale on Simple beds are a thing right now so all you need is a fun duvet and a perfect accent pillow. 

- A big grey and white print rug is a must in this pretty space. It doesn't necessarily have to be this one, but it's my pick. Just make sure the rug's print isn't too busy. Think big and simple.

- This white dresser is an Ikea hack I found on Apartment Therapy. All you need is gold paint and new hardware. You could even get a little crazy with colored hardware if you're feeling daring. 

Happy decorating!

Xx, Meg