Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wine 101

After moving to Napa, it occurred to me that I knew NOTHING about wine. Luckily, in the last 6 months I've learned a couple things. Am I an expert? Definitely not. But I know enough to sound like I know what I'm talking about most of the time.

In college there are 4 kinds of wine: white, red, pink, bubbles. There's also expensive wine and Barefoot. For the love of God, step away from the Barefoot. Wine that costs under $10 is not a great deal, its yucky.

This guide should help you pick out a great wine for your guests for dinner parties, lunch dates, game nights... whatever.

My personal favorite white wine is Chardonnay. Some of my favorite memories include my Momma, chardonnay, and a pretty patio. My fav red is a nice deep cab... a glass of cab a day keeps the doctor away, or something like that.

 I am more than happy to give tasting recommendations to anyone traveling to the Napa Valley. Mine and Matt's favorite is Kuleto Estate.

Hope this helps!

xx, M


  1. I would like to be guided again some day. :) Love, Titi

  2. Very interesting and fun to learn this! :)