Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Perfect Office Pieces Under $100

The perfect office is the place where you feel most inspired and that means that the perfect office looks different to everyone. Today, I'm sharing with you some components of my perfect office and some tips to find what makes those juices flow for you.

There are SO many ways to decorate an office and SO many themes you could love. I happen to love jewel tones (they pretty much make my world go round), quirky little animals and just a little bit of zen. 

The puzzle pieces to your perfect office are:

1. The desk...duh. White desks are trendy right now but for me they're more than the hottest office accessory, they're a blank slate every day when I sit down to work. I love love love the idea of blank page to sprinkle with your daily creations!

2. Fun comfy pieces that make it feel home-y! I'm a pillow freak but if you're more into a crazy rug then go for it. This cheetah pillow is just puuurfect. 

3. A little tranquility. You can never have too many candles, ever, and this turquoise hobnail candle from the Furbish Studio does it for me. 

4. The perfect chair, because no one has ever been inspired by a frumpy black office chair, ever. I'm into acrylic chairs like this one right now. In fact, that's the exact office chair I just ordered and I'm in a tizzy of excitement for it to get here. 

Your chair can be anything from a bright print, to a chic statement like mine. I opted for chic to balance out the earthy feel to the rest of my perfect office. Balance is everything, especially if you don't want a Madonna Inn-esque nest. 

5. To style a space from floor to ceiling, a rug is a must. I like this one because it balances out all of the other bright pieces. The natural feel of this rug adds a little zen for me and who doesn't love being relaxed while they work?

6. Poufs are a thing and I love it. From Target to The Furbish Studio, everyone's doing poufs. Why do I want a pouf in my office? Well first, it's cute. Second, I'm weird and don't always like to face my desk so having something to put my feet on works for me... but mostly it's cute.

7. Quirky book ends! These Foo Dogs are precious and zen in a weird way. Maybe book ends aren't your thing, just pick something that makes you smile! 

8. I'm loving this zebra inspired jewelry dish. Jewelry is my new favorite thing to decorate with because it feels personal and if your jewelry isn't pretty, you're doing it wrong. 

There you have it, my most favorite office pieces. And they're all right around or under $100. Your perfect home is a collection of pieces over time so invest in a piece here and there and it will be so gratifying when your space is finally exactly what you pictured in your head!

xo, M

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